11/13/15 When The King Says “Come,” Come!

But another guest at the table seems to have heard God’s Truth in Jesus’ words.  He reclines near Jesus with a look of awe on his face and he says, “Can you imagine being at a feast in the Kingdom of Heaven?  What an incredible blessing!”  Jesus nods His approval at the man and tells another story.  “There was a king who gave a banquet for all his subjects.  He sent servants out to invite all the guests, but they all declined.  Everyone had an excuse.  One said, ‘I’ve just bought some land and I’m building a new home on it.  I can’t possibly leave it to come to a banquet.  Please send my regrets.’  Another said, ‘I’ve just acquired some new teams of oxen for my farm and I’m in the middle of training them.  If I leave now, all the time I’ve spent training them so far will be wasted and I’ll have to start over when I return.  Please send my regrets.’  And another, ‘I just got married and my bride and I are about to leave on our honeymoon.  Please send my regrets.’  All good excuses in normal circumstances.  But these men forgot who it was that was inviting them to the banquet.  When the king extends an invitation, it is always in a man’s best interest to accept graciously.”

Luke 14:15-20


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