11/12/15 Exalt The Lowest, And You Will Be Rewarded

Jesus now turns to the Pharisee who invited Him to dinner and says, “You invite guests to your dinner parties so that you can boast of your importance, show off your home and culinary masterpieces, and get yourself invited to other people’s homes in exchange for your generosity.  You expect to be honored and repaid.  I tell you, this is the only honor you will receive.  But if you humble yourself before your peers and honor God instead, you will be repaid much more in the Kingdom of Heaven.  So the next time you want to have a dinner party, instead of inviting the most respected members of the community, go out into the streets and invite the poor and the outcast.  Honor these people, expecting nothing in return, because you know that they have nothing to give.  But your Heavenly Father will see what you do and will greatly honor you in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  The Pharisee just stares at Jesus in disbelief.  Invite beggars to dinner instead of respected members of society?  He and everything he owns would be defiled by those filthy urchins!  And what would his friends say about it?  This Jesus is just trying to humiliate him.  That’s the last time He’s getting an invitation!

Luke 14:12-14


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