11/10/15 A Reminder That God Wants People To Show Mercy

There are several other Sanhedrin members and scribes present this evening, and they all watch Jesus very carefully over the course of the meal.  Jesus, too, is watching carefully, taking in everything.  One of the men present has painful edema in his arms and legs.  Jesus observes him as he attempts to eat his meal with great difficulty because of the swelling in his fingers.  He looks up at the Pharisee who owns the estate and asks, “Is it legal to heal someone on the Sabbath?”  Nobody responds.  They all know His history and have all heard Him speak on this matter before, and nobody wants words to trap them again.  And so Jesus looks around at all of them, holding the gazes of each one who dares to meet His eyes, then turns to the suffering man.  He takes the man’s hands, whispers a prayer to His Father in Heaven, and heals the man.  The man is overjoyed – the pain and swelling are gone and he is free!  Then Jesus turns again to the assembled Sanhedrin members and scribes and says to them, “If you have an animal that stumbles and falls into a deep hole on the Sabbath, who among you would not rescue it right away?”  But still they remain silent.

Luke 14:2-6


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