11/9/15 Another Trap Disguised As Dinner

They don’t go into Jerusalem after that.  They continue to travel throughout the villages surrounding the city, preaching and healing as they go.  On the next Sabbath, a Pharisee of the Sanhedrin comes to their camp.  As usual, the Pharisee wants to test Jesus and believes that maybe if he can get Him relaxed enough, He might let something slip that will condemn Him.  So he sweeps over to Jesus in his grand robes and in a booming voice proclaims, “Jesus of Nazareth, I come to extend to You an invitation to dine with me at my estate this evening.”  Jesus is not fooled.  He knows the man’s heart and his intentions.  But He never declines an invitation for dinner, knowing that each one is an opportunity to teach – especially at a great house like this Pharisee is bound to own.  These dinners are often held in an outdoor courtyard and the common people may come in and watch the proceedings from the fringes of the courtyard.  So He replies to the Pharisee, “I thank you for your invitation and will indeed join you this evening.”

Luke 14:1


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