11/5/15 Only A Few Will Enter

After staying in Betharba for a while, Jesus one day tells His apostles, “It is time to continue on.  There are many more villages that need to hear My message.”  So they pack up their things and set out.  They travel towards Jerusalem, teaching and healing in each village they come to along the way.  Nathaniel, always watching Jesus closely, sees the sadness that is ever-present in His eyes.  Jesus is always warm and kind, always has a smile for those who receive Him, but His eyes…  After watching Jesus teach about how hard it is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven again and again, to each village they arrive in, Nathaniel believes he may understand why Jesus is sad.  Walking to the next village on their path, he comes alongside Jesus and asks quietly, “Rabbi, I think I’m noticing a pattern.  In each village, some come to You joyfully and receive you, but most either turn their backs on You as soon as they hear what You have to say, or else go back to their old ways right after we leave.  Sometimes a whole village is changed, but that is rare.  You say that it is hard to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Is it true that only a few will accept Your offer to pay the penalty for their sins and grant them entry into the Kingdom?”

Luke 13:22-23


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