11/4/15 John’s Testimony Brings Many To Jesus

Once they are safely away from the murderous mob, Jesus gathers His apostles and followers around Him.  He tells them, “We are going across the Jordan River to Betharba, where John the Baptist lived and baptized.  We will be there for some time before continuing on.”  There is sadness in His voice.  Most of those present believe it stems from knowing that so many people want Him dead.  But His sadness is for the people who refuse to believe in Him, and will die without anyone to intervene on their behalf for the sins they commit in their lives.  His followers, however, are true to Him.  Not one turns back to go home.  All of them travel with Jesus to Betharba and stay with Him there.  Many of John’s followers are still there and upon hearing that Jesus is in their town, they all come to see Him.  Unlike most places Jesus visits, the people here come quietly, not looking for personal miracles but just longing to be near Him.  Over and over He hears people say the same thing, “John never did any miracles while he was here preaching.  But he spoke of You often, and all of his words ring true.”  During the time that Jesus remains in Betharba, the people there bring many more to see and believe in Him.

John 10:40-42


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