11/3/15 You Don’t Know Your Scriptures

“We don’t stone You for any good thing You have done.  We stone You because You claim You are God and You are insulting God in everything You say and do,” one in the crowd shouts out.  Jesus replies, “God Himself, in the Psalms, speaks of the judges He appointed over the people of Israel as His representatives, calling them gods, though they were just people like yourselves.  So now you are taking offense to Me telling You that I AM God’s Son and His representative here on earth.  You say I insult God’s Name in what I say and do.  And yet I AM the One who God Himself blessed and sent here to you.  Forget about what I have told you.  Instead, look at what I do.  If I do God’s will, even if you don’t believe what I say to you, My works are enough to show that I AM who I say I AM.”  But the crowd does not like this response any more than the previous one.  They resume their previous course of action, searching for stones to throw at Him and attempting to capture Him.  But Jesus once again beckons to His followers and they slip quietly out of the Temple unharmed.

John 10:33-39


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