10/31/15 What Will It Take To Make You Believe Me?

Jesus continues on His travels, teaching and healing as He goes. But soon He decides to return to Jerusalem. His apostles are quite reluctant, knowing that the majority of the Sanhedrin wants Jesus killed for what they believe is speaking out against God and breaking His laws. But Jesus knows His timeline and what He needs to accomplish before His time on earth is done. He tells them, “It is nearly Hanukkah, and we need to be in Jerusalem for the Feast of Dedication.” “Far be it from us to try to tell You what You shouldn’t do,” Peter says sadly. “We will go with You, of course.” So they set out for Jerusalem. It is winter, so the traveling is not very comfortable. They arrive just before the Feast of Dedication and Jesus goes immediately to the Temple to teach. He is in Solomon’s Portico, a large sheltered area of the Temple facing the east, believed to have survived the destruction of the original Temple from the time of Solomon. There is a mixture of believers, seekers, and doubters present, along with those who hate Jesus enough to want to kill Him. Suddenly, they surround Him and demand, “Stop beating around the bush! Are You or are You not the Messiah?”

John 10:22-24


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