10/29/15 We Are Jesus’ Sheep

“I AM the Good Shepherd.  My Father has put Me in charge of taking care of all of His sheep, His children.  Just like My Father knows Me, I know My Father.  In the same way, I know and love each one of My sheep, and when they hear My voice they know Me and come to Me.  I willingly lay down My life for each and every one of My sheep because I love them with all My heart.  Most of the sheep in My sheepfold are children of Israel, but I have many other sheep scattered all over the world, and all over time.  When they hear My voice they will come to Me.  I will bring them all into this sheepfold, so that there will be one fold and one Shepherd over them all.  When My Father sent Me here to gather My sheep, He told Me everything I will need to do.  I will give My life for My sheep, and I will take it back again.  My Father has given Me the power to do this.  Nobody has the power to take My life.  I alone have the power to give it and to take it back again, and because I AM obedient to Him, He loves Me and is pleased with Me.”

John 10:11, 14-18


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