10/27/15 Jesus Is The Way To Enter Heaven

Jesus continues, “Even when a shepherd comes to the gate without his key, he calls to the shepherd on duty and the gate is opened for him.  The shepherd comes into the pen and calls his sheep, and his sheep come to him because they know his voice.  The sheep follow the shepherd wherever he goes, because they know and trust him.  But anyone else they will run away from, because they do not know him or his voice, and do not trust him.  The Pharisees glance at each other warily, thinking, “Where is He going with this?”  Jesus tells them, “Here is the Truth you need to understand:  I AM the gate.  I protect My sheep.  Anyone who comes to God through Me will be spared punishment for their sins, and will instead gain entry to the Kingdom of Heaven.  They will be able to come and go as they please, and they will be given everything that they need for a rich, full life.  There have been many who have come before Me who have claimed to be the Messiah, but they have been like thieves, coming only to steal God’s people from Him and destroy that which God creates.  My sheep have not listened to them, knowing in their hearts that these thieves were only interested in themselves.  But now, I AM come.  And I bring with Me life, full and rich, for all who trust in Me.”

John 10:3-6


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