10/26/15 The Shepherd Enters Through The Gate

Jesus looks around Him, spreading His arms to draw the Pharisees’ attention to the scenery.  They are standing in a field next to a sheep pen.  There is a high wall around the pen to keep out animals and thieves that may try to take the sheep away in the night.  There is a gate with a strong lock at one end.  The Pharisees, with the importance they place on cleanliness, are clearly uncomfortable in their surroundings.  Jesus takes this opportunity for a reminder of who they are.  “You hold shepherds in disdain, because they spend their lives caring for dirty, smelly animals.  You forget where you came from.  Many of our most prominent ancestors were shepherds – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David – I could list many more.  The people of Israel have always been identified thus.  Now listen closely, because what I AM about to tell you is important Truth.  When night falls, the sheep are led into the pen.  The night shepherd is set in charge of all the sheep and the gate is locked.  Whenever someone comes into the sheep pen at night and does not use the gate but climbs over the wall, the shepherd knows that he is there to try to steal the sheep.  The shepherds have keys to the lock and enter through the gate.”

John 10:1-2


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