10/24/15 Finding Jesus Once Again

A messenger arrives in Jesus’ camp.  “Where is the Rabbi?” he asks.  “I have news from Jerusalem.”  John points him in the right direction and the messenger finds Jesus.  “Rabbi,” he says, “the man who was blind has been thrown out of the Temple and exiled from Jerusalem forever.  He is on a mission to find You.”  “Thank you, My friend,” Jesus replies.  He speaks to the 12 apostles briefly, then leaves the camp to find the man who is now seeking Him.  When He comes upon him, Jesus asks, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?”  The man knows instantly that this is the One who he has been seeking, the one who gave him his sight.  He is not sure what Jesus means by the Son of Man, but if Jesus is endorsing this person, he wants to believe in him.  “Who is the Son of Man?  If You show him to me, I will believe in him,” the man responds earnestly.  “You have seen Him now, and know His voice.  He is the One who is speaking with you now,” Jesus tells him.  “Oh, Lord, yes!  I do believe, with all my heart and soul!” the man exclaims.  He falls to the ground in adoration, throwing his arms around Jesus’ ankles.

John 9:35-38


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