10/23/15 Freed From The Shackles Of Power

A deafening roar of outrage meets these words.  The leading Pharisee stalks over to the man, towers over him, points a finger at the man’s chest, and thunders, “How dare you!  You were born blind – meaning you did something so terribly sinful while you were in your mother’s womb that God punished you with blindness – and you presume to try to teach us?  Get out!  Don’t ever show your face in Jerusalem again!  You are banished and excommunicated!”  And with that, he turns on his heel and storms off.  The rest of the Sanhedrin members follow him into an inner room of the Temple.  The man stands there stunned for a moment, then begins to laugh.  Since coming from the Pool of Siloam he has wanted nothing more than to become acclimated to his newfound sight and to find the Man who healed him.  Now he is completely free to do both.  He runs to his parents’ home, empty for the moment since they have not returned home from their work in the marketplace.  He hurriedly grabs a few provisions and sets out on his mission to find this wonderful Man.

John 9:34


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