10/22/15 How Can You Not See?

Uproar again, at these words.  But this time the leading Pharisee shouts for silence right away.  With a slight edge to his voice he once again asks the man, “Tell us exactly what happened.  How did He do it?  Don’t leave out any details.”  The poor man sighs, feeling very tired.  A thought runs through his mind – albeit quickly dismissed – that maybe this whole seeing thing is more trouble than it’s worth.  He closes his eyes for a moment before answering the man.  “I have answered all your questions already.  I don’t know how He did it, He just did.  And I am very grateful that He did.  Why do you keep asking me?  Are you trying to find out more about Him so you can become His followers too?”  The Sanhedrin members don’t like that response.  A low grumble begins but is quickly quelled as the Pharisee says, “We all know that you are His follower, but that is only because you are young and foolish and unschooled.  We follow Moses.  We know that he was sent from God.  As for this Man, we are becoming more and more convinced that He is a messenger of Satan, though we can’t say for sure.”  At this, the man laughs and says, “Really?  That’s interesting.  Because we know that God will not answer the prayers of sinners, and we know that nobody can do miracles unless God gives them the power.  We also know that those who love God and do His will are blessed by Him.  And nobody, in the whole history of the world, has ever healed someone born blind.  But this Man did heal me.  He opened eyes that have never seen anything at all before today.  And you’re telling me that you don’t know where He comes from, and that I am foolish?  You amaze me!  He has to be from God, otherwise He would never be able to do the things He does.”

John 9:25-33


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