10/20/15 Is This Your Son?

As they wait for the guard to return with the man’s parents, the fierce debate continues.  The man stands there in the middle, learning what cold stares look like.  Soon he turns in the direction of a new commotion and sees his parents for the first time in his life.  They stumble into the room looking dazed.  They have no idea what is going on – the guard said something about their son being able to see, but that’s preposterous!  He’s been blind since birth, and if something like that ever happened, wouldn’t they be the first to know?  And now, here they come into a room full of shouting and waving hands, not understanding why they have been summoned.  They look around the room, trying to get their bearings, and stop short.  Can this be their son?  They saw him this morning, this is the robe he was wearing when he left to beg at the Temple.  His face, his hair, everything looks the same.  But those piercing eyes staring back at them, where did they come from?  His eyes have always been a pitiful sight, marbled and unseeing.  These eyes are beautiful, perfect, clearly taking in everything.  “Son?” his father asks, taking a hesitant step toward the man.  “Father!  Yes, it’s me!” the man replies.  The sudden silence in the room is deafening as all eyes turn to watch this reunion.  The leading Pharisee steps forward and asks, “Is this man your son, and was he born blind?  And if so, how is it that he is now able to see?”

John 9:19


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