10/19/15 Healing On The Sabbath – Again!

Eyebrow raised, this leading Pharisee asks, “And when did this miraculous event happen?”  “Just about an hour ago,” replies the formerly-blind man.  “Aha,” the Pharisee replies, fire now in his eyes, “So!  He healed on the Sabbath!”  Immediately, an uproar breaks out among the Sanhedrin members who are present.  “How can He be of God if He is doing work on the Sabbath?” wars against “How can He not be of God and still perform such miracles?”  After much heated debate, the leading Pharisee calls for silence again.  “Tell me, young man,” he says, “What do you think of the Man who healed you?”  The man does not even hesitate.  He speaks boldly and with much feeling, “He is a prophet of the Lord!”  And the uproar breaks out again.  “How do we know this is even the same man who has sat at the Temple gate begging all these years?  What if he is just a look-alike?”  “No, no, it’s him, I’d know him anywhere!”  And on it goes, until once again the leading Pharisee commands their attention.  Calling to one of the Temple guards, he orders, “Go and find this man’s parents and bring them here.  They will testify as to the true identity of the man.”  The guard hurries to comply.

John 9:14, 16-18


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