10/18/15 Who? How?

Some in the crowd suspect that Jesus is the one who has given this man his sight, and they are both apprehensive and excited about bringing this news to the high and mighty Sanhedrin.  The high priest made a decree that anyone who speaks of Jesus as being the Messiah will be thrown out of the Temple – and effectively be cut off from life in Jerusalem.  Nobody will be allowed to speak to such a person, let alone do business with or help him.  People have been afraid to even speak the Name of Jesus lately.  But now, what can they say?  Nobody in the whole history of the world has ever healed someone born blind.  How can they say that this isn’t a real miracle of God?  These are the thoughts running through several minds as the crowd surges into the Temple.  They encounter a group of Pharisees and everyone starts talking at once.  “He was blind – born blind!”  “Healed!  He can see now!”  “He’s looking for the man who did it, but he doesn’t know who it was.”  “This is the man who has sat at the Temple gates begging for many years, and now look at him!”  The Pharisees look from one to another, trying to piece together what has happened.  One of the Pharisees looks over at the man himself, holds up his hands for silence and says, “Well?”  The man tells his story, “I was blind.  Sitting at the Temple gate begging, as I have done every day for many years.  A man came and put clay on my eyes and told me to go and wash in the Pool of Siloam.  I went and washed and now I can see.”  The Pharisees exchange worried glances at this.

John 9:13, 15, 22b


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