10/17/15 How? Simple Faith

So many of this man’s neighbors are curious about what could have given him his sight that a large crowd follows him to the Temple.  When he gives up his search for Jesus, he turns and sees them all standing there watching him.  One man steps forward.  “Is it really you?” he asks.  “Yes, it is me!” the man replies.  “But it can’t be!” says another.  “Nobody has ever healed someone born blind, in the whole history of the world!”  “What happened?  How did you receive your sight?”  “A Man, I don’t know who He is, put some clay on my eyes and told me to go and wash it off in the Pool of Siloam.  So I went, and I washed, and now I can see!  It is a miracle!” the once-blind man tells the people.  “Where is this Man?” someone asks.  “I don’t know,” replies the man, “I came back here to find Him but He is gone.”  “We must show this to the High Priest!” says one in the crowd.  All are in agreement, so the man gets swept away with the crowd, into the Temple to find the High Priest.

John 9:8-12


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