10/15/15 Sent

Jesus turns to the man in question.  He sits on the ground next to the man and spits in the dirt.  He makes a kind of clay with the mud and puts it on the blind man’s eyes.  The man is startled, not being able to see what’s going on.  “What are You doing?” he asks Jesus.  “Go to the Pool of Siloam and wash the mud off your eyes,” is all Jesus will say to the man.  (Siloam means “sent”)  Something in Jesus’ voice makes the blind man want to follow His instructions.  He gets up and slowly and cautiously makes his way out of the Temple area, then across the city to the Pool of Siloam.  He is a bit apprehensive about this whole thing, especially the part about washing in this pool.  Not being able to see, he has always had a fear of being near water – what if he misjudges the distance away from the edge and falls in and drowns?  He has never learned to swim.  But he remembers the voice of this mysterious Man, takes a deep breath, and feels his way down to the edge of the pool.  He crouches, then thinks better of it and sits.  He dips his hands into the water and scoops some up, splashing it onto his eyes.  He continues until he is satisfied that all of the clay has been washed off.  He sits still for a moment and waits, wondering what is supposed to happen now.  Suddenly he notices that something is different, where all his life there had been only darkness, now some light has come in through his closed eyelids.  His breath catches.  Dare he hope?  No, too soon.  But he can’t help himself.  He opens his eyes and is astounded at what is before him.  It is so overwhelming that he quickly shuts them again.

John 9:6-7


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