10/13/15 The Sabbath Is Made For Freedom

But the head of the synagogue takes this as a personal insult.  Healing on the Sabbath, indeed!  The law clearly states that Jewish doctors may work on the Sabbath only in emergency cases, not for people who have been sick or in pain for a long time.  He rushes to the front of the synagogue and hold up his hands to ask the people for quiet.  “People, please,” he implores them, “If you need healing, come on any other day but the Sabbath – there are 6 days for work, and the Sabbath day is for rest.”  He turns to Jesus indignantly, intending to give the Rabbi a piece of his mind.  But when he sees the fire in Jesus’ eyes he falters.  Jesus speaks quietly but forcefully.  “You are a pretender!  You think you’re all pious and good because you try to follow what you believe is God’s law.  But doesn’t every one of you – at least the ones who own animals – untie his donkey or ox from the stall on each Sabbath and lead it out for water, food, a chance to stretch its legs?  But think of this poor woman, one of your own, a daughter of Abraham.  She is not a beast of burden but a human being.  And Satan has kept her imprisoned for 18 years!  You don’t think she should be allowed to be freed from her bonds on the Sabbath too?”  Those who were against Jesus a minute ago now hang their heads in shame, and the people of the town celebrate another miracle of healing.

Luke 13:14-17


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