10/10/15 Everyone Is In The Same Boat, Unless You Turn To Me

“Yeah, ok, well, what about those 18 men at the Tower of Siloam?  They were sinning and they knew it – using Temple money to build that waterway for Pilate – and that’s why the tower fell on them and killed them,” the Temple guard replies.  Obviously, the man is not listening to what Jesus is saying.  “And were these men any better or worse than any other in Jerusalem?  I tell you, no!  Everyone does what he knows he shouldn’t do.  Everyone breaks God’s laws – maybe not all of them, but many of them – over and over again throughout their lives.  Nobody has ever lived the life God requires of them, and so nobody has ever been worthy of the gift of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  These men died without any hope of seeing the Kingdom, and unless you turn away from your desire to do what is wrong in God’s eyes you will too,” Jesus patiently explains once again.  “What’s the point, if everyone is the same and nobody can get into the Kingdom?”  “I AM the door to the Kingdom,” Jesus replies.  “If you want to enter the Kingdom, turn your heart to the things of God and trust Me to pay for what you do against God.  I AM the only way.”

Luke 13:4-5


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