10/8/15 Open Your Eyes To The Signs That Are Clearly Given

He continues, “And how can you correctly judge the signs of the times when you cannot even justly judge among yourselves?  You bicker over the smallest things and are always ready to bring your brother before the court to decide between you.  But even then, people are not truthful in their testimonies, lawyers and even judges are bribed to decide one way or the other, and justice is not served.  Although nobody would know it based on people’s actions, you all know the difference between what is right and what is wrong – you all know God’s law.  But you do not judge based on His law.  I tell you, when you know you have wronged someone, do everything in your power to make it right with the other person, just between the two of you, even if it has to be on your way to a hearing!  Because once the matter is in the hands of the court, it is too late to settle it and your relationship will likely be forever ruined.  And if the judge decides against you, you can trust that you will be sent to prison until every last penny of your debt is paid.  Do what is right in God’s eyes, even if no human being will ever know, because He is the ultimate judge.”

Luke 12:57-59


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