10/7/15 A Baptism Of Fire

Jesus looks up at the sky for a long moment.  He closes His eyes and breathes deeply.  Opening them again, He speaks:  “Most people think I AM come to fix everything, to save them from their earthly enemies, to bring peace to My people and right all their perceived wrongs.  But that is not the case.  I AM come to bring fire upon this earth, to set a sword between family members.  And I wish it was already here!  I await a baptism like no other, and until this is accomplished I can have no peace.  Once My baptism is accomplished the fire will sweep across the earth, igniting the hearts of the people and moving like a sword among you.  In one household, 3 will be for me and 2 against.  In another there will be one with me and all others against.  My sword will divide homes, cities, nations, kingdoms – the whole world.”  Many people look startled at His words.  One man in the crowd speaks up, asking, “And when will all this fire and division take place?”  Jesus, knowing all the skeptics in the crowd, speaks frankly, “You all believe you are so good at reading the signs of nature.  You see clouds coming in and you say there will be rain.  You feel the wind blowing from the desert region and say it will be hot.  And yet, you are completely blind to the signs of the times you are entering into.  Even now, the stage is set.  You will not have long to wait.”

Luke 12:49-56


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