10/6/15 If You Are Given Many Blessings, Your Responsibilities Will Also Be Greater

“The servants in this parable knew what their Master expected of them.  They knew the rewards that would be given to them if they did well.  They also knew very well what would happen to them if they decided to reject their Master’s offer to be adopted into His family and treated as sons, and then betrayed Him.  They chose their own fate in full knowledge of what they were choosing and what they were rejecting.  But suppose there is another servant.  He is searching for any job at all, in order to provide for his family.  He goes from house to house begging for work and knows nothing about the man who finally hires him.  He is very quiet and stays in the shadows and somehow, everyone else forgets that he’s there.  He never receives any instructions from his superiors, never meets his Master, is never given any specific jobs to do.  He just does whatever needs to be done.  Now, when the last day comes and he stands before the throne of the Master in judgment, what will be his fate?” Jesus says.  The apostles look at Him, wondering.  “He will be judged based on his knowledge, or lack thereof, of his Master, and what he chose to do with that knowledge.  And so although he did not live a perfect life, he did his best with what he knew and his punishment for wrongs done will be light.  For expectations will be much higher for those who are given more blessings.”

Luke 12:47-48

Note: Here, again, there was no clear indication of Jesus’ meaning in this passage. The conclusions I have drawn from my study of it may be incorrect, and if so I apologize. But after careful study this is what I feel Jesus was saying here. If I find any clearer explanation of this passage, I will edit the post at that time. And if anyone has any insights to share, they would be welcome.


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