10/3/15 Be Ready!

“And when the master of the palace returns in the middle of the night, even if it is 5:00 in the morning, and finds his servants busily awaiting his return, he will be so grateful that he will himself tuck up his robes, tie his belt around his waist, and invite his servants to sit and eat.  He will serve them with his own hand and praise them for their work and their commitment to him.  This is a picture of the time when I will return to the earth to gather My people to Me.  Those who are faithful to Me will be engaged in the work that I have given them to do, eagerly awaiting My return.  So be ready, like those faithful servants, when I come!  Because nobody knows the day or the hour when I will come.  For those who refuse to accept My offer to pay the penalty for their sins, My return will not be a time of joy.  For them, My return will be like a thief who comes in the middle of the night when the master of the house is not prepared.  Everything the master of the house has worked for all his life will be taken from him in that hour, and he will be condemned to an eternity in the fires of hell.  For anyone who is judged on his own merit will never measure up to the perfection God requires in order for someone to live with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Luke 12:35-40


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