10/2/15 Do The Work Of The Kingdom With All Your Heart, Eagerly Awaiting Jesus’ Return

“Here in this land, where the heat is strong and there is so much desert, our custom is to wear long flowing robes.  But they can often get in the way of what we are trying to do.  Walking through the dry, dusty paths that are at times lined by an overgrowth of bushes, our robes may get tangled in thorns or other brush.  We may trip on the hem, or the robes may be too confining when trying to move quickly.  So when we need to concentrate our whole being on the task at hand, what do we do?  We tuck up the bottom hem of our robes into the middle and tie it securely with a belt, so that it will be out of the way and we can move freely.  Now, in a palace, there are many servants, and if they want to be diligent about their work, this is what they will do.  If the beloved master of the palace has been away for a long period of time for a wedding and is expected back at any moment, will the servants be sleeping?  No, they will be awake, with their robes tucked up and tied securely around their waist.  They will be working hard, even at midnight, trying to prepare for his return.  All the lights will be shining brightly so that they may make sure they don’t miss anything in their endeavors.  And they will be watching, always, with great anticipation, for any sign of their master’s return.”

Luke 12:35-38


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