10/1/15 A Mind Occupied With Heaven Can Accomplish Much Good On Earth

“All over the world, people are worried and anxious over what they will eat and drink and how they will have enough.  But they don’t have what you have – knowledge of God and His Kingdom.  You need never worry about such things, because you know that God made you and knows what you need, and He will provide it for you if you trust Him.  Instead, set your mind on God’s Kingdom and on doing His will, and all the other things will be given to you.  Don’t be afraid, My children, because God loves to do this.  His greatest desire is to give you the Kingdom of Heaven.  If you take what you have and give to the poor, you store treasure in Heaven instead of here on earth where it can be taken or destroyed.  If you set your mind on God’s Kingdom, you will be much happier and more useful to God here on earth.  For in so doing, you will have a greater desire to do God’s will in preparation for your eternal life in the Kingdom.  You will desire to show God’s great love to everyone you meet, and to tell everyone about what awaits after the end of this brief life on earth.  And you will have a joy in your hearts that will drive every worry away.”

Luke 12:29-34


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