9/30/15 Worry For The Poor Is Like Greed For The Rich

Jesus looks at His apostles.  He sees in their faces that they don’t believe they could ever be in any danger of giving earthly treasures the most prominent places in their hearts, simply because they are poor men (except for Judas) and have no treasures.  And so He addresses them now, reminding them of what He has previously taught them.  “Worry is just as bad, because it accomplishes the same goal.  It places the things of this world above the things of God.  Don’t worry about having enough food to eat every day, or clothes to wear.  Your life, your body – they are so much more than what you eat and what you wear.  Remember the ravens.  They aren’t farmers.  They don’t have cupboards to store food.  But God provides for all their needs, feeding them and giving them everything required for every day of their short lives.  And aren’t you worth more than ravens in God’s sight?  And the lilies of the fields – do they sew their own clothes, or have money to purchase them?  Of course not!  But God clothes them in such beauty that they are more magnificent than King Solomon with all his riches.  If God provides for the needs of the bodies of the flowers, which live only a few days and then wither and die, how much more will He provide for you, if you will only trust in Him to do it?”

Luke 12:22-28


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