9/29/15 Make God Your Treasure

One man in the crowd has been fighting with his brother over their inheritance.  Both brothers are here today, listening to Jesus.  But neither are listening well enough to understand what they hear.  They have been preoccupied with glaring angrily at each other.  The younger brother can’t stand it any longer.  He shouts out, “Rabbi, tell my brother that he needs to share our inheritance with me!”  Jesus looks into his eyes, searching his soul.  “Am I to be a judge between you?” He asks.  “Don’t concern yourselves with gaining earthly possessions – your life is not about what you have.  Listen to this story:  A farmer brings in a crop at harvest time that is a great deal more than he had expected.  He is very excited about the abundance of the harvest, but says to himself, ‘Where will I put it all?  It won’t fit in my barns.  I know!  I will tear them down and build new, bigger ones, then I will have room to store everything.’  He does this and is happy.  He says to himself, ‘Self, you are rich now!  Relax and enjoy life – you have everything you need.’  But God says to the man, ‘You fool!  Tonight you will die and your soul will begin its eternal life in hell, and then what will happen to all the goods you have stored up for yourself?  Who will they belong to?  It certainly won’t be you!”  This is what will happen to everyone who relies on earthly possessions to bring them joy and security in life, instead of trusting in the things of God.”

Luke 12:13-21


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