9/28/15 Trust In Me & You’ll Be Completely Free

“If you are willing to affirm publicly that you are Mine and trust in Me to pay the penalty for your sins before God, I will affirm the same before God and all the angels.  But if you reject Me and My offer to pay for your sins, I will have no choice but to reject you before God and all the angels.  Anything you do is forgivable, even speaking against Me in anger, if you are truly sorry and willing to repent and turn to Me for forgiveness.  But if you go so far as to speak against God’s Holy Spirit in your anger and unbelief, of this you may not be forgiven.  For by that time, your heart may be irreversibly hardened against God and His Kingdom.  If you truly belong to Me, though, you never need to worry about anything.  Even if you are arrested and dragged into court because you are Mine, you don’t even need to worry about what you will say in your defense.  At the right time, the Holy Spirit will give you the exact words to say and the strength to say them.”

Luke 12:8-12


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