9/26/15 The Perils Of Yeast

Now many people are crowded around Jesus and His followers, trying to listen and see what He will do next.  They are rather excited about seeing the Pharisees put in their place.  Jesus reminds the people, “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees!  I have warned you about this before, and I tell you again now.  When you make bread, you put a little bit of yeast into the dough and knead it until it is evenly mixed into the whole batch.  The little bit of yeast makes the whole loaf of bread rise.  You can’t see it being mixed in, and once it is mixed evenly you can’t tell that it is there until you see the bread begin to rise.  It is the same with the Pharisees.  They are very tricky in what they say and do, so that people fall under their ‘spell’ unknowingly.  In the Scriptures, when God warns against yeast in bread, it is a symbol of this very thing.  He uses His Word to paint pictures of the lessons He wants His children to learn.”  Now the crowd, like the apostles before them, begins to understand.  It is not real bread and real yeast that is so terrible.  It is what it represents, the insidious nature of Satan and those he uses to attempt to trap God’s people.  The Pharisees are hypocrites, actors.  You never see what’s really inside of them.  But with God, there is nothing hidden.  He knows all, and all will be revealed to everyone eventually.  What is whispered in someone’s ear in a secret basement will be shouted from the rooftops; what is secretly passed on in the dark will be shown in the light.  Live out what is in your heart, and strive to make your heart pure, pleasing to God.”

Luke 12:1-3


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