9/20/15 Be Persistent In Prayer

“Think of prayer like this:  A man has a good friend who is his next door neighbor.  This friend has just settled down to sleep for the night with his wife and young children, all together in their one bed.  It is midnight, the lights are out, the door is locked.  And the man next door comes, knocks on the door, and says, ‘My friend, I need your help.  Another friend of mine has just arrived unexpectedly from a long journey.  He is hungry, and after searching my cupboards I find I have nothing to feed him.  Please, lend me 3 loaves of bread so that I may eat with my friend.’  The man’s friend, awakened out of a sound sleep, grumbles, ‘Leave me alone!  It’s the middle of the night and I’m in bed with my wife and children.  The door is locked and the lights are out.  There’s no way I can get up and give you bread without waking everyone else up.’  But the man does not give up.  He keeps pleading until his friend grudgingly gets out of bed, gets 3 loaves of bread, and hands them to the man, knowing he will have no peace otherwise.”

Luke 11:5-8


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