9/14/15 The One You Think Is Your Enemy May Turn Out To Be Your Best Friend

Jesus continues, “But then a Samaritan man comes by, riding a donkey.  When he sees the man lying on the side of the road he immediately runs to him, kneels down, and checks the man for injuries.  He goes to the packs on his donkey and removes the robe he has with him as a change of clothing, some water, and some olive oil.  He cleans the man’s wounds and applies olive oil to them.  He tears strips of cloth from his own robe and uses them to bandage the wounds.  Then he carefully lifts the man onto the donkey and leads them to the closest town.  He goes to an inn and requests a room.  He carries the man in, carefully places him on the bed, and gives the innkeeper extra money, saying, ‘Here is the money to pay for his room and meals, and extra to pay for whatever medical care he needs.  Please get him the best care possible, and if you spend more than this on his care I will pay the difference when I come back to check on him.’  The Samaritan man goes on his way, completes the work he needs to do, and returns to the inn to check on the man.  He pays the innkeeper for the extra expenses and sees that the injured man is recovering nicely.  Now, which of the three men who passed by the injured man on the road was a true neighbor to him?”  The expert on the law of God responds, “I suppose it was the one who showed mercy.”  He cannot bring himself to say, “The Samaritan,” refusing to believe that any Samaritan could be good.  But Jesus lets that slide, knowing that he gets the point.  “You have answered correctly.  Now, go and do the same,” He tells the man sternly.

Luke 10:33-37


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