9/11/15 Joy In Blessing

Jesus’ face is radiant with the joy of knowing that He is accomplishing His mission, little by little.  Though this is a rather small victory compared to what is to come, it is an important one.  He prays, “Father, I rejoice that You hide Your great truth from the proud rulers of this world who worship only themselves, but make it known to those they consider ignorant fools.  You delight in honoring the humble.  You give Me everything, Father, and You are the only one who knows I AM Your Son.  And I AM the only one who knows You are My Father.  But You give Me authority to reveal this to whomever I choose.”  Then, to His apostles, He says, “You should consider yourselves very blessed to see what you have seen, because the prophets longed to see and hear the things that you have seen and heard, but were unable to.”

Luke 10:21-24


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