9/10/15 Mission Accomplished!

Jesus stays and waits with His apostles while the 70 go off on their mission, full of a mixture of excitement and apprehension.  When they have completed their work, they begin to trickle back to where Jesus and the 12 apostles are camped.  As soon as all 70 have returned, Jesus asks them for a full report, more to share the news with the whole group than because He needs it.  All apprehension is gone now, and they are quite pleased with their accomplishments.  “Rabbi, even the demons did whatever we told them to do in Your Name!” one exclaims.  Jesus looks at them all and tells them, “I watched as Satan fell from Heaven like a bolt of lightning.  I AM giving you power and authority over Satan and all his demons, to stomp on them and drive them away.  None of them will have the power to hurt you, because you belong to Me and nothing can separate you from Me now.  But don’t celebrate because you have power over the demons.  Instead, celebrate knowing that your names are written in the census book of the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Luke 10:17-20


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