9/9/15 Mourning For The Lost Cities

He turns away from the people for a moment and mournfully says, “Chorazin, Bethsaida, mighty works of God have been done in you, and you have not turned from your wicked ways of living.  If the same miracles had been done in Tyre and Sidon, Gentile cities, they would have turned away from their sinful lifestyles long ago and mourned the large part of their lives they have wasted in their wickedness.  When the last day comes and all these cities stand before the Throne of God to be judged for their deeds, Tyre and Sidon will fare better than Chorazin and Bethsaida!  And Capernaum!  You are lifted high in the eyes of the world now, because you have been My dwelling place and have enjoyed My favor.  But your people have not truly turned away from their sins and come to Me to be forgiven and cleansed.  And so in the day of judgment, instead of being called up to Heaven to live in eternal joy with Me, you will still be lost in your sins and be delivered to Hell to live in eternal torment.”  Lifting His head and addressing the 70 again, He goes on to say, “Now as I send you out as My messengers, know this:  whoever listens to you and accepts you because of the message you bring also listens to and accepts Me.  And whoever rejects you and your message also rejects Me, and in so doing rejects My Father who sent Me.”

Luke 10:13-16


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