9/6/15 The 70 Are Chosen

Leaving Jerusalem, Jesus and His apostles make camp in the outskirts of the city.  Many people gather around them, most of whom have followed Jesus for quite a while now.  After everyone has eaten a meal, Jesus begins to walk among them, selecting certain men from the group and asking them to form a circle a little apart from the rest.  Though He only chooses some, the rest of the group does not feel left out.  They have not been privileged to be a part of all of His ministry, as the 12 have, and so do not know of all His miracles.  But they believe Him to be the Messiah, and so they also believe that anything He does is God’s will.  Jesus tells them that they have a very important job as well, to pray for those chosen and the work that He is about to give them.  When He is finished, He addresses the newly formed circle of disciples.  “I have chosen 70 of you to go in pairs to all the cities of Judea.  I will teach you what you need to know and will give you power to heal the sick, release those who are possessed by demons, and proclaim My Message about the Kingdom of Heaven.  When Moses became overwhelmed with the work of leading the Israelites in the desert and settling their disputes, he appointed 70 men who were known to be just, wise, and honorable and made them leaders of the people, giving them authority to do what was needed.  The Sanhedrin was created to follow that model.  There are 70 members of the Sanhedrin, who in turn are led by the High Priest.  But those who have been appointed today are corrupt.  And so I appoint you, because I know your hearts and your zeal for God, to be my representatives in the world.  The number 70 is also representative of all the nations of the world, and so you will eventually be sent out everywhere to bring the Good News to everyone, not just the Jews.”

Luke 10:1


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