9/4/15 Jesus Is Life Itself

“So!  We were right in saying that you are a demon-possessed Samaritan!” one of the Pharisees exclaims.  Jesus calmly responds, “I do not have a demon.  I do not come seeking honor and glory for Myself, but only for My Father.  You dishonor Me, and in so doing you dishonor My Father as well.  You will one day be judged by your actions toward Me, but I tell you the truth when I say that whoever trusts in Me will never die.”  “Ha!  With every word You speak You show more and more that You must be possessed by a demon!  How can You say that whoever trusts in You will never die?  Are You telling us that You are greater than Father Abraham and all the prophets?  They are all dead!  Who do You think You are?” the Pharisees reply.  Jesus tells them, “I honor My Father and He honors Me, for if I honor Myself that means nothing.  You claim that My Father is your God, but you do not know Him.  I AM sent from Him, and I AM one with Him, and so I know Him.  If I claim otherwise, then I make Myself out to be a liar like you are.  I do know Him, and I do His will.”

John 8:48-55


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