9/2/15 The Freedom Of God’s Truth

Now Jesus addresses these people whose hearts He sees beginning to believe in Him.  “You who now believe in Me, if you continue to listen to My words, believe them, and live them out, then you will truly be My disciples.  You will know the living, tangible Truth, and that Truth will set you free to live by My words without fear, in the light of the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Even now, they misunderstand Him.  “We are descendants of Abraham and we have never been anyone’s slaves!” they declare.  “How can You tell us You will set us free by Your words?  We are already free!”  Jesus responds, “If you sin, and everyone of this world does, you are a slave to that sin.  A slave lives in his master’s house only as long as the master wishes him to, and then is cast out.  But a son is always welcome.  And so, if the Son sets you free from your slavery to sin, you will truly be free!”

John 8:31-36


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