9/1/15 The Power Of Speaking The Truth

“I AM that which I have been, and spoken to you of, from the beginning.  My Father has sent Me to you, and I tell You only what He has instructed Me to say.  I will continue to do that which I AM sent to do, to proclaim the Message of My Father, until My time here is finished.  And in the end, I will have many things to speak to the Father about you, and I will judge you justly,” Jesus tells them.  Again, a buzz of low voices from the Pharisees.  They do not understand what He says, nor do they understand who His Father is.  “When you will have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will begin to understand who I AM, and that I don’t do anything for or of Myself.  Everything I say and do is given to Me by My Father, who is always with Me.  He has never left Me alone because I always do His will.”  Now He is beginning to sway even some of these Pharisees who are present.  And many common people who are present in the crowd also begin to believe in Him.

John 8:25-30


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