8/30/15 God Is The Ultimate Witness

The Pharisees, always looking to trap Jesus with His own words, immediately jump on His statement.  “You say that You are the Light of the whole world?  In saying this, are You not testifying of Yourself?  But You Yourself told us before that whoever testifies of himself is not to be believed unless there are at least 2 other witnesses to validate the testimony!  And so You are telling us that Your own words are not to be believed!”  They look at each other with smug smiles on their faces, believing that they have finally caught Him.  But Jesus will not be caught.  “Your law applies to mortal men, not to Me.  But even so, when I testify of Myself, My Father is also testifying of Me at the same time, because He and I are one.  I know where I AM from and where I AM going, you know neither.  You judge everyone, and judge unfairly.  I judge no one now, but in the future when I will judge the world, I will do so with all fairness, based on the justice of My Father,” He tells them.  Some of the Pharisees step back, as if to put distance between themselves and the “evil” they believe Jesus to be.  “Where is Your Father?” one asks scornfully.  “You don’t know My Father.  If you knew Him, you would know Me as well,” Jesus replies evenly, implying that if they really knew their own scriptures they would know that He fits all the prophecies concerning the Messiah.

John 8:13-20


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