8/28/15 Mercy Is Triumphant Once Again

The Sanhedrin members are trembling with anticipation, believing that they have Jesus right where they want Him at last.  But they couldn’t be more wrong.  Jesus says nothing, but bends down low and begins to use His finger to write something in the dirt.  They watch, wondering what He could be doing.  They can’t see what He is writing.  Is He writing the law?  Is He trying out different arguments to see if He can still come out on top of this?  Or perhaps He is simply stalling for time.  “Hurry up, we don’t have all day!  We are waiting to hear Your answer!” one of them says impatiently.  Jesus stands and looks at them all very slowly.  “So be it.  Let the one of you who has never sinned in his life throw the first stone.”  And he bends down again and continues writing in the dirt.  They stare at Him, mouths agape, speechless.  Yes, she has sinned, broken one of God’s commandments.  But can any one of them say they have never broken a commandment themselves?  No.  And so, one by one, beginning with the oldest among them, they all slip away quietly into the crowd, shamed.  After a few moments, Jesus looks up, then back down to the woman still cowering on the ground.  “Where are the people who wished to stone you?  Is there no one left to condemn you?” he asks her.  “N-no one, Rabbi,” she replies.  Jesus stands, dusts off His hands, and helps her to her feet.  “I do not condemn you either.  But go, now, and do not sin anymore,” He tells her.  She nods, her lip trembling and eyes brimming with tears, then turns and flees.

John 8:6-11


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