8/27/15 The Trap Is Set

Jesus goes with His apostles to the Mount of Olives to spend the night.  During the night, some of the Sanhedrin members decide to try to trap Jesus using the law.  They lay the trap and sit waiting to see how it will play out.  In the morning, Jesus returns to the Temple.  He sits and speaks quietly with His apostles while He waits for the people to come, and soon there is a crowd around Him.  He stands, and begins to teach them.  But out in the court of Gentiles there is some sort of commotion going on.  Peter goes to see, and reports back to Jesus.  Jesus nods and excuses Himself, and follows Peter back outside.  As soon as they see Jesus, the Sanhedrin members call out to Him, saying, “Rabbi!  This woman (he spits on the ground) was caught in adultery.  Our law, handed down to us from God Himself through Moses, tells us we are to stone her to death.  What say You?”  The poor woman is sprawled on the ground, her clothing torn, her knees and elbows bloody from being dragged all the way here.  She is shaking with fear, her face stark white.  She is too afraid even to weep, and she cannot lift her head to look at Jesus’ face, but simply waits to hear her fate.

John 8:1-5


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