8/26/15 Their Fury Grows

Caiaphas, furious now, spits his words at the guard captain.  “Has He deceived you too now?  Think!  Have any of us, the rulers and scholars of the Jews, we who know the scriptures and God’s law best, believed in Him?  No!  Only the poor peasants of the land, who don’t know any better.  And now they have been cursed by this…this…charlatan, who is clearly demon-possessed.”  Now Nicodemus, he who had gone to Jesus secretly, at night, to avoid the prying eyes of his fellows, speaks up.  “And by our laws, do we condemn a man before holding a trial to determine just who he is and what he is saying and doing?”  Another Sadducee responds to Nicodemus, “But He is from Galilee!  You know the scriptures, scour them again and you will see, no prophet has ever – or is prophesied to ever come from Galilee.”  Now the room erupts into confusion, everyone shouting at once.  Caiaphas calls for order and says, “We’re not getting anywhere.  We don’t have Him in custody.  Everyone, go home until we have Him.  Then we will reconvene and decide what to do.”  And so they disperse, until a more opportune moment.

John 7:47-53


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