8/21/15 We Know He Couldn’t Be…

More people join them now, including some of the Temple authorities plotting to kill Jesus.  “Isn’t that Him?  What is He doing here?” asks one.  “Wait – watch – He’s teaching boldly, without fear.  In front of some of the elders.  Have they found some evidence that He really is the Messiah then?” says another.  “But we know this man’s genealogy!  When the Messiah comes, nobody will know where He comes from,” argues the first.  “Will you two be quiet and listen!” says a third, “I’m trying to hear what He is saying.”  Jesus knows everything they are thinking, and suddenly raises His voice.  “You do know Me, and you know where I have come from.  But you do not know the One who sent Me, only I know Him and He knows Me.  I do not come of Myself, but the One who sent Me is trustworthy and true.”  They know that He is speaking of being the Messiah and having been sent here by God Himself, and this enrages them again.  They try to grab Him to throw Him in prison while they figure out how to kill Him, but He slips away.  His time has not yet come.  And more people believe in Him, having witnessed this exchange in the Temple.  Whispers fly along the streets of, “I think He really is” and “Who could do more miracles than He has done?  How could He not be?”

John 7:25-31


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