8/20/15 What Is Greater, The Sabbath Or Mercy?

“On a Sabbath day in Jerusalem, I gave sight to a man who had been blind from birth, and instead of marveling at this miracle of healing, you and all the Temple authorities marveled at My audacity in healing someone on the Sabbath!  And now you marvel at the fact that there is a plot against Me, to kill Me, by those same Temple authorities, however unknown it may have been to you?  Listen to Me:  Moses gave you the law of circumcision, that on the 8th day of his life every male baby is to be circumcised.  This law is to be followed even on the Sabbath.  Moses was given this law by God, and so it is not of him, but of a higher authority.  You all follow this law, understanding that God gave both the law to keep the Sabbath and the law of circumcision, and His intent was that the law of circumcision was to take priority over the law to keep the Sabbath.  Now, is not the healing of a man and showing compassion and love more important to God than the keeping of the Sabbath?  How much more appropriate is it to heal on the Sabbath than to circumcise on the Sabbath?  And yet, you and your fellows persecute Me for this very thing, though I AM but God’s Messenger!  Here is another part of the Law of God that was to be read at this feast:  Whoever will judge a man must do so by the law, and must himself be a follower of the law.  Do not judge based on what you seem to see happening, but by the truth.  If circumcision takes priority over the Sabbath, and restoring a man to full health is even more important than circumcision, then these are the facts that you must look at in to make your judgment,” Jesus admonishes them.

John 7:21-24


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