8/19/15 You Don’t Follow Your Own Laws!

“Moses, speaking for God, gave you God’s law.  You revere Moses, and yet there is no one who has ever been able to follow the law that he gave you.  You do not seek to do God’s will if you do not try to follow His law.  Every Sabbatical year, every 7th year, the land is to rest from its work and lie fallow.  How many people keep that law?  And every Sabbatical year, as this is, at the preparation for this very feast that is being celebrated right now, God’s law is to be read in its entirety.  One of His Commandments tells you ‘Thou shalt not kill.’  Now, why do you want to kill Me?” Jesus says to the scholars assembled in the Temple before Him.  “You are delusional, You must be possessed by a demon!  None of us has said anything about wanting to kill You!  Why are You speaking to us that way?” they answer Him, bewildered.  They do not know of the plot against Jesus by the Temple authorities.

John 7:18-20


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