8/18/15 I Speak The Word Of God, Because He Sent Me

While the Temple authorities are searching the throngs of people at the feast for any sign of Jesus, He Himself is at the Temple, teaching the people there.  In attendance are some scribes and Rabbinical scholars.  They are amazed at His teaching – they’ve never heard anything like it.  “Under which Rabbis have You studied, Sir?” they ask Him.  “Oh, only the Rabbi of My hometown of Nazareth,” replies Jesus, with a twinkle in His eye.  “We have never heard of the Rabbi of Nazareth.  But he has taught You well!” they say.  “What I speak is not of any Rabbi’s teaching, nor is it My own teaching.  I speak only what My Father in Heaven has given to Me to speak.  And this is how you will know if I speak the Truth:  anyone who desires to do what God wants him to do will see that what I teach conforms to the will of God.  If someone speaks for himself, he does so in order to get recognition and respect for himself.  But if someone speaks for a higher authority who has sent him, he does so to gain recognition and respect for his master, and you will see that he is trustworthy because he does not do so for personal gain.”

John 7:14-18


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