8/15/15 Follow With Your Whole Heart, Or Not At All

When they arrive at the next village, they are welcomed and find a nice area to make camp.  A scribe, who has been watching Jesus for some time now and expects Him to soon declare Himself to the world as the Messiah, decides to make his move now.  He walks over to the area in which Jesus and His apostles are camping and, taking a deep breath, states in a loud voice, “Rabbi, I pledge my allegiance to You.  I will follow You wherever You go!”  But Jesus knows that this man is only looking for a way to advance himself in the eyes of the world.  He looks at him sadly and says, “Even wild animals and birds have homes, but I have no place to call My own, nowhere to go to and lay down to rest for the night.  To follow Me, you must be willing to give up all that you have, if called to do so, and put God’s will first in your life.”  The man, a look of horror in his eyes, turns and flees.

Matthew 8:18-20, Luke 9:57-58


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