8/11/15 No Matter How Many Times You Forgive Someone, God Has Forgiven You More

“But then, as soon as he arrives back at his place of business, he begins to look over his own books.  He discovers that one of his customers owes him $50.00, so he calls the man to come into the store, grabs to man by his throat, and demands, ‘Pay me what you owe me right now!’  The man is quite poor and has nothing to give to pay his debt.  He falls at the store owner’s feet and begs him, ‘Please, sir, be patient with me and I will find a way to pay back everything I owe to you!’  But instead of taking pity on this man in the same way that the King took pity on him, the store owner commands the man to be thrown into prison until his debt is repaid.  When the other merchants, fellow servants of the King, hear what this store owner has done to this poor man, they are so distressed they go immediately to the King and tell Him all about it.  The King is enraged by the gall of this servant.  He calls the man in again, and tells him, ‘You are a wicked man!  After you begged Me to forgive a debt greater than that of anyone else in My Kingdom, you went and had another man thrown into prison for a small debt that he was unable to repay to you.  You should have forgiven that man his debt to you, just as I forgave your debt to Me!  But now, because you would not forgive your fellow man, I will not forgive you either.’  The King turns and calls out, ‘Guards!  Take this man and throw him in prison, and have him tortured until he can repay all his debt to Me.’  Remember this story, because My Father is the forgiving King, and you are the servants who owe Him a great debt.  By sending Me to you, He is forgiving your debt through your trust in Me.  And so, if you are forgiven such a great debt, you have a grave responsibility in return, to also forgive those who sin against you.  Otherwise, My Father in Heaven will do to you what the King did to the wicked servant.”  At these words, the apostles sit up straighter, and a few have worried looks on their faces.  How many times have they been unforgiving towards their fellow servants of God?

Matthew 18:28-35


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